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A Brooklyn Dog

Meet Schlomo and his new life on 3 legs

Day 28 (Laser, Water, Acupuncture – geez)

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Weaning Schlomo off of Gabapentin with his hearing loss side effects. I will report on how that goes and if it remains temporary, which I hope. Fingers crossed!

Instead of writing much I thought to try tell a little story in pictures/clips with his treatments that he’s had this week. Busy little guy this one.

Uh oh. On the move again…

Exam room view. He couldn’t decide what to do about that blue guy.

Getting Laser. Cool as a cucumber.

Swimming again!

Treat after swimming:

Last needle in:

Relaxing into it:

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Day 20 (Water 4 Dogs)

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Today was the day! The day for water and also the first day the Ruffmaster harness didn’t hurt him 🙂

Schlomo was in a good mood waking up, he dashed over to the left when we got out of the house and walked to the end of the block because he wanted to. I didn’t take him any further knowing we would do hydrotherapy later.

Schlomo always liked the water but he never really went swimming by himself. He’d run into it and fetch sticks and balls but he wouldn’t go swimming on his own though I always thought he wanted to and just needed a little ‘push’.

A little push he got today and he adjusted so quickly, it was fascinating to watch. He started using his back legs to swim/push within the second of many cycles and he hasn’t stretched out his right leg like that in a long time. He didn’t seem nervous at all. He didn’t frantically try to stay afloat, he found this relaxed rhythm and looked really happy like he belonged there all along. The therapist said his inner Lab was coming out which makes sense. This therapist! I gotta tell you I felt like Schlo was so supported and cared for and as if they had some innate connection and bond. It was wonderful. He trusted him completely. He even did a little thank you prayer/blessing at the end of the session and me being the Hippie I am was in utter love.

We will go back once a week, if there are weeks where I can do twice I will absolutely do that. I have to get into Manhattan with him for these which is a bit of a grind but seeing how happy this makes him, I will gladly do it as often as possible.

When we were finished they said I could get into the water with him going forward if I wanted to. DUH! Obviously I want to! What a wonderful thing to do together and learn how to help him so we can do this in any water by ourselves.

Today I feel like celebrating. I am allowing myself a glass of wine and I am celebrating this extraordinary being that is in my life. He is passed out from his work out and will probably be sore tomorrow. Right now he is sleeping soundly on his rug and his feet are moving so quickly. I always thought he was dreaming of running on the beach. Maybe he is actually swimming…

Apart from this forum and the amazing support I am so thankful to have found a good team in Vets again (or finally). With his Herbalist, his new Vet who does integrative medicine and acupuncture in house calls, the surgeon I met last week because his regular surgeon was on vacation (turned out well for us…) and today his rehabilitation Vet and the phenomenal therapist.

Here is to all of you!

Mascha & Schlomo


Rehab Advice (YES!)

Still Pic


After swim happy face (in 50 shades of gray)


Day 17 (Home Alone and much needed Man-Time)

I knew I had to be gone for 13 hours each today and tomorrow and I didn’t feel comfortable leaving Schlo with a dog walker yet. I asked his and my wonderful friends if they could stop in and carry him up and downstairs for potty breaks and meds administration.

Schlomo has had two best friends in his life so far, both are now at the bridge, but they were his best buds. Stevie was a pitbull mix who also loved his cat and Bruno was a Husky that looked like a full blown wolf.

He was really excited to see his friend, Stevie’s Mom, stop by. She gave him meds and took him outside, he walked a couple of buildings and then was happy to be back up here.

But apparently Bruno’s Dad brought the magic juice. Schlomo did not want to stop walking. He didn’t run, he took breaks, but he didn’t want to stop. His right knee wobbled, we know this. Bruno’s Dad helped him get to the park with breaks and some minor carrying but he made it. And he was SO happy. I of course freaked out hearing that, thinking he over exerted himself and that he might have injured himself more but he is happy as a clam. I’m icing his knee right now as he is passed out. But I haven’t seen him this happy since before the surgery.  I teared up when they sent me this picture of Schlomo in the park…

More visitors for him tomorrow.


Day 8 (this gentleman figured out how to pee with a leg up on 3 paws)

Schlomo apparently decided that this whole squatting business is just not for him. So when he got outside this morning he hopped up to his main tree in front of our building, lifted his left hind leg up and pushed it against the tree for support. I thought he was going to fall and jumped to keep him balanced but he was a-ok. Looking pretty proud I have to say.

After that we had our first check up at the Vet and the bandage was removed. I was worried about the incision but he looks beautiful and perfect. The Vet said the incision looks really good and that his knees are definitely stable. He does have arthritis, yes, but with him being ‘distinguished’ and needing to learn about his new balance she was not worried yet. And that we should keep doing what we’re doing. The acupuncture Vet will be here tomorrow and we will take it from there.

Slow and easy.

He is getting the hang of sitting on 3 paws too. Also check out the photo bomb in the second picture…

Much love,

Mascha & Schlomes



Day 7 (and guess who jumped onto the couch when I wasn’t looking…?)

It’s been a week. A week of heartache, fear, horror, feeling helpless, guilt and anger (at myself really).

But it has also been a week of love and hope and amazing support by people we have never met. People who support others because they have been through these same situations and know too well what it feels like. People who give unconditionally to help others go through it as sanely as possible. It has blown my mind.

I thank all of you kind support souls from the bottom of my heart.

Now meet Schlomo: A Brooklyn Dog that got his street cred on the South Side of Williamsburg when he was growing up. For the past 10 years he has resided in Greenpoint, right down the street from his home park.

He is never happier than when his face is covered in sand on the beach. A big part of the decision to make him a tripawd was for him to be able to go to the beach again and not be in constant pain.

I’m using these as my Mantra to help get him there.


Look at that happy face…

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