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A Brooklyn Dog

Meet Schlomo and his new life on 3 legs

Day 17 (Home Alone and much needed Man-Time)

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I knew I had to be gone for 13 hours each today and tomorrow and I didn’t feel comfortable leaving Schlo with a dog walker yet. I asked his and my wonderful friends if they could stop in and carry him up and downstairs for potty breaks and meds administration.

Schlomo has had two best friends in his life so far, both are now at the bridge, but they were his best buds. Stevie was a pitbull mix who also loved his cat and Bruno was a Husky that looked like a full blown wolf.

He was really excited to see his friend, Stevie’s Mom, stop by. She gave him meds and took him outside, he walked a couple of buildings and then was happy to be back up here.

But apparently Bruno’s Dad brought the magic juice. Schlomo did not want to stop walking. He didn’t run, he took breaks, but he didn’t want to stop. His right knee wobbled, we know this. Bruno’s Dad helped him get to the park with breaks and some minor carrying but he made it. And he was SO happy. I of course freaked out hearing that, thinking he over exerted himself and that he might have injured himself more but he is happy as a clam. I’m icing his knee right now as he is passed out. But I haven’t seen him this happy since before the surgery.  I teared up when they sent me this picture of Schlomo in the park…

More visitors for him tomorrow.


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  1. I’m so glad he got to see his friends’ Mom & Dad! And yes, he looks so happy at the park :). I hope his knee will heal up fast and he can enjoy a great, long, 3 legged life! Today was a great day!

    Tracy & Zatoichi

  2. Yay Yay YAY Schlomo! I’m so happy to hear that he had such a fun day in the park. I know how much you have been wanting that for him, Mascha and I’m sure it was so good for him both physically and emotionally to be at the park. I’m glad that your friends were able to help you out. That picture of him in the park is great, he looks so proud. Oh and his incision looks great! He is a very handsome tripawd indeed.
    Love, Amy & Rusty

  3. WHEEEEE! That is a look of pure joy on Schlomo’s face. Magic juju indeed! Tell your friend to bottle it up and ship it to Tripawds Land, we know lots of cats and dogs who can use some during recovery!

    • schlomo

      July 11, 2017 at 1:50 pm

      Haha. I’ll let him know. He’s going to have to come over more often, it sure does Schlomo really good. He did the entire block this morning! Unstoppable. Still some yelping but definitely getting better and feeling better.
      We’ll go to hydrotherapy this afternoon, I’ll keep you all updated!

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